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Originally published: July 13, 2019

Sparse inbox today. Oh well, I’ll make up for it with an article. Second time posting today. 2 more days after this…Let’s do this.

The Balance Today

Subject line: Save $1,500 With the 52-Week Money Challenge

I like this subject line because, I haven’t touched on this much, but I like the idea of engaging subscribers with challenges, contests or polls. I like the idea of presenting a challenge that you know your subscribers would like to accomplish, but they need your help and the help of other people who are involved in your brand. You want to be seen as a mentor helping them accomplish something they didn’t think they could do alone. That’s a great way to engage people.

Today’s article is Marketo’s “How to Get a Handle on Rising Unsubscribe Rates”.

I wanted to talk about what to do when things go wrong. Troubleshooting your marketing campaigns is a critical skill to learn.

The threat of high unsubscribe rates seems obvious: you’re losing customers. A single unsubscribe could mean a loss of 60% in future lifetime value. But there’s another threat: it can seriously your reputation as a sender and make it so your emails don’t get delivered. There’s a lot at stake.

There are 3 strategies you can turn to when your unsubscribe rate starts climbing.

  • Segment your lists more. 50% of subscribers unsubscribe because the emails are irrelevant to them. The best way to ensure they are relevant is to segment your lists more. I talked about this in the post day before last with behavioral segmentation. You can segment by customers who purchase frequently, customers who are disengaged and customers who are interested in certain product categories.
  • Personalize your messages. They don’t just mean putting your customers name in the subject line or the first line of the body copy. Personalize the email based on what they last viewed on your site, product recommendations based on previous purchases and a discount of the items they abandoned in their cart.
  • Leverage channels other than email to communicate with your customers. It’s a dilemma: you don’t want to send so much mail that you annoy your customer but you want to keep in contact with them. Well, maybe your customers would prefer to communicate in other ways. You could try push notifications or Facebook messenger.

I’m telling you it’s so surreal that I challenged myself to write and publish everyday for 30 days and I actually did it. I’m definitely going to post an overview reflection, but I feel this challenge has been incredibly helpful in my education as a digital marketer and as a writer.

Another day down. Until tomorrow!

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