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SEO Audit Analysis & Recommendations

An audit of a website’s copywriting, SEO optimization & user experience with the goal of sending a clear message and increasing conversions. 

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Email Autoresponder Series

A sample of two email autoresponder series for two products. One with a goal to move from subscriber to customer and the other with a goal to move from customer to loyal fan. 

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Landing Page for Spotify Premium

A sample landing page for one of my favorite products: Spotify Premium. Check out my page and the video where I explain what makes a great landing page.  

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What I Learned By Blogging for 30 Days

I blogged about email marketing for 30 days. Here’s what I learned about email marketing and myself. 

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Lessons From My 3-Year Volunteer Project

I organized a lending library for 2.5 years. Here’s what I’ve learned about passion, responsibility, project management and the importance of customer feedback. 

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